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"Don't Throw It To Mo" winner of the 2016 Dr. Seuss Medal

The 2017 Regina Medal for David's body of work awarded by the Catholic Librarian's Association

Colonel Theodore Roosevelt -- Spring 2014

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Cam hand-signed poster, one of several available

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Young Cam and Bones poster

Publishers Weekly
Adler again displays his versatility with this empathic first book in the Danny’s Doodles illustrated chapter book series. Bighearted fourth-grader Danny Cohen cheerfully plays along when new kid Calvin Waffle makes him the subject of a mysterious experiment and fills Danny’s pockets with jelly beans. Quirky and scientifically minded, Calvin wears two different socks because his right foot is “very serious,” the left “often silly,” and he answers, “Tallahassee is the capital of Florida” in response to a math problem. “I didn’t hear the question,” he explains. “And most teachers like capitals and everyone loves Florida.” Adler also tempers the story’s humor with some poignant moments: Calvin says his father is a traveling spy when he has actually abandoned the family, and the jelly bean experiment is really about making friends. Squiggly cartoon line drawings (mostly character portraits) that appear throughout are purportedly Danny’s work; they look authentically kid­like but add little to the story. The novel delivers laughs as well as a clear message about friendship and acceptance, even when one’s friend is “100% weird.” Ages 7–up. Agent: Jodi Reamer, Writers House. (Sept.)

JUST PUBLISHED by Holiday House -- BOOKLIST, Starred Review

JUST PUBLISHED by Holiday House

Check out the Cam Brain Teasers page.

Reviews of David A. Adler's school visit programs:
"Excellent and congruent with the instructional strategies we encourage."
"Educational and entertaining."
"Fantastic presentation for every grade"
"I've been hearing rave reviews all afternoon! Both of my boys came home and wanted to write stories."

September 2013

David at The Hartford 2012 with Larry the Stag

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Send a self-addressed business-sized stamped envelope (a long envelope with a 46 cents stamp)to CAM JANSEN BOOKMARKS, P.O. Box 121, Hewlett, NY 11557.

2 Free Cam Jansen Bookmarks -- just send a self addressed stamped business--sized envelope (45c stamp) to Cam Jansen Bookmarks, PO Box 121, Hewlett, NY 11557.

If you like Young Cam Jansen you'll also like the Jeffrey Bones stories.

David and his grandson Jacob--2010

David and Jacob -- Newsday July 2010

Renee and David -- 1994

David A. Adler's email address is:

The 5th title in the NEW Jeffrey Bones Mysteries

May 4th is Cam Jansen's birthday.



Go to the QUIZZES page and look at each memory quiz picture. Blink your eyes and say "Click!" Then take the memory quiz. See how much you remember. Maybe you have a photographic memory, too!

Celebrate Cam Jansen's birthday in your classroom. Play the memory game just below. Play the memory quizzes elsewhere on this site. Play the Photographic Memory Game found on the mystery page on the www.DavidAAdler.com site.

***WHAT'S WRONG HERE GAME***Many times a detective will notice something out of the ordinary at the scene of a crime which may help to solve a case.To play this game you will need pencils and paper, and a watch or timer.1- Before you begin, set a space up with some slightly unusual things. Perhaps a poster will be upside down or among the books on the bookshelf will be a box of cereal, or there is a large plastic bug somewhere.2- Have the players come into the space for just 60 seconds and tell them to remember whatever they see that looks unusual. (You can even use an image projected on the wall with some unusual details, perhaps an illustration from a Cam Jansen mystery.) Of course, there can be no talking during this time.3. When time is up, have them leave the space and write down all the strange details they remember.4- Check how many details each player remembered.5- Take a second look at the space or projected picture and have the players cross off anything they got wrong. 6- The player with the most correct observations wins.

Another game, the PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY GAME is found on the DavidAAdler.com web site.

Young Cam and Eric


Bones and the Big Yellow Mystery

Bones and the Dog Gone Mystery

Bones and the Cupcake Mystery

Bones and the Dinosaur Mystery

Bones and the Birthday Mystery

Bones and the Math Test Mystery

Bones and the Roller Coaster Mystery

(All published by Viking)


When Cam wants to remember something she says "Click!"
What does she say when . . .

1. She drinks her milk too fast?
2. Her head is hot and her hands are cold?
3. It's Eric's turn in a game of Old Maid?
4. Her watch is going "tock"?
5. She wants a taste of ice cream?
6. She is trying to light a candle but can't find a string?
7. She wants to lay an egg?
8. She sees Eric with his hands in front of his face?
9. She sees 400 geese fly by?
10. She steps on a wad of chewing gum?

New for 2008!
And this FALL look for a new Jeffrey Bones Mystery,

Cam Jansen and the Tennis Trophy Mystery


Go to the QUIZES page and test your memory.
Cam Jansen has a photographic memory. Maybe you have one, too.

#22--Published in September 2002

YOUNG CAM JANSEN AND THE DOUBLE BEACH MYSTERY (Viking 2002, Puffin 2003) Two mysteries in one!


#20--Published in September 2000


JUST PUBLISHED!!!! Cam Jansen Mystery #33

Test Your Memory!
Go to the Memory Quiz Page.

CAM JANSEN #32 -- Published September 2012

Cam Jansen Mystery #30

Cam Mystery #29

Cam Mystery #28

The very first Cam Jansen Mystery -- David got the idea from the mystery from being a stay-at-home dad with his infant son Michael.

Cam Mystery #27

Cam Mystery # 26

Cam Mystery # 25 -- 25th Anniversary Special with added materials

Cam Mystery # 24

Cam Mystery # 23 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 22 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 21 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 20 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 19 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 18 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 17 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 16 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 15 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 14 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 13 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 12

Cam Mystery # 11 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 10 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 9 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 8 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 7

Cam Mystery # 6 (original cover)

Cam Mystery # 5 (original cover)

Cam Jansen Mystery # 4 (original cover)

Cam Jansen Mystery # 2 (original cover)


SUPER SPECIAL---3 full-length mysteries in one book, now available in paperback and hardcover

For a free Cam Jansen teacher's guide + Adler Picture Book Biography Teachers' Guide (pages may be reproduced for classroom use) bookmarks, + other materials, please send a stamped, self-addressed 9" X 12" envelope (12 oz. -- $3.08) to Cam Jansen P.O. Box 121, Hewlett, NY 11557 Please, send fan mail and all other correspondence to David Adler, P.O. Box 121, Hewlett, NY 11557. Please include a stamped, self-addressed business-sized envelope (45c)with all fan mail.

Are Cam and Eric based on children you've known?

Cam is based on a friend of mine from elementary school. Eric is based on me.
When I wrote the first of the Cam Jansen mysteries I thought children would identify with timid Eric. I was wrong. I've been told that most children who read the books see themselves as the smart, assertive Cam.

A SUPER SPECIALCam Jansenand theSummer Camp Mysteries -- 3 full-length mysteries in one book.

Questions and Answers with David A. Adler, author of the Cam Jansen books

Why did you decide to write the Cam Jansen books?

I had been a math teacher in the New York City school system and was just beginning a child care leave. My first son had been born and I planned to stay home and take care of him while my wife returned to her work as a school psychologist. I had already written a few books, but I wanted to work on a series. I wanted to create a character young readers would want to read about again and again. I remembered a classmate in first and second grade with a great memory. It was rumored he had a photographic memory. The character Cam Jansen began with him. I also remembered the trouble I had when I first learned to read, the difficulty I had with the books meant to follow the Dick and Jane series. It was too big a leap for me. Even in the late 1970s, when my first son was born, there were still very few books between the easy-to-reads and the eight-to-twelves. Somehow, children were expected to make that leap. For some, it was no problem. For me and many others, it was. The Cam Jansen books (not the Young Cam Jansens) are transitional readers, books for children "in transit," from easy-to-reads to middle-grade novels.

Why did you make the Cams mysteries?

Comprehension is a real problem with beginning readers. One of my sons once asked me about a book he had just read, "What's it about?" He read every word of the book and understood none of it. He was too busy sounding out the words to pay any attention to what he was reading. Mysteries are perfect for beginning readers. In the Cams, the clues Cam remembers at the end of the books, the clues that solve the mysteries, are there for the reader, too. Cam's readers, hopefully, are alert. They try to find the clues and solve the mystery before Cam does.

What makes Cams transtional readers?

The Cams are not simply chapter books with easy reading levels. Children who are just begining to read on their own, read slowly. They read every word. But they don't think slowly. We can't ask them to speed up their reading, so to keep their attention it's necessary to keep the story moving. The Cams move quickly. Something is always happening. Characters are introduced through dialogue and plot. Scenes are set in just a few words.

Why did you decide to make Cam a girl?

I like to write against stereotypes. Cam, as a girl, is curious and assertive, just as many girls really are. But that's not their stereotype. It's my hope that the current generation of readers will be open to treat people as individuals, whatever their gender, race, religion, or age.

Did your years as a math teacher influence your writing in any way?

I approach my Cam Jansen mysteries as math problems. First I set up the problem -- to create a mystery that will be solved with visual clues. Then I go about solving it.


Cam Jansen and Young Cam Jansen Mysteries

If writing is like swimming... An interview with Bruce Black:

1) how do you get into the water each day?
The only way to get into the water is to jump in. Don't over think the process. Just jump in and write.

2) What keeps you afloat...for short work? For longer work?
I keep rereading what I've written and that takes me deeper and deeper into my story.

3) How do you keep swimming through dry spells?
How can there be dry spells in swimming? Being dry can only mean you stepped out of the water. If I get stuck working on one manuscript, I start or continue work on another. I find it helpful to work on more than one project at a time.

4) What's the hardest part of swimming?
The hardest part, I find, is discovering the voice for my story and that comes at the very beginning.

5) How do you overcome obstacles, problems, when swimming alone?
Writers always swim alone. I try not to put too much pressure on myself, not to demand a great first draft. But I keep rereading and rewriting until I'm satisfied.

6) What's the part of swimming that you love the most?
It's the swim I love, not the jumping in the water, and not the stepping out. I love the rewriting, just playing with my words. I feel somewhat sad to finish the final rewrite and have to send off a cherished manuscript.


New Cam Cover #3

YOUNG CAM JANSEN and the Missing Cookie

CAM JANSEN and the Triceratops Pops Mystery

CAM JANSEN and the Mystery of Flight 54

New Cam Cover #4